Friday, October 26, 2012

The Future of Money - See with 2020 Vision!

By Randy Smith,
October 26, 2012

If innovation is the future, understanding innovation is what matters most.

Today, rather than just telling you what I think may be the future of money, I want to start by first taking a look at innovation itself. Plato can be attributed with originating the concept that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention." Innovators like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates helped to shape the future of much of the technology we use today. If we can better understand how they knew what products and services were necessary or in demand, then perhaps we too can forge a clear path forward into the future of commerce. In looking back, we can peer forward and know that history often repeats itself.

So we will begin by observing what they saw and how they came to the conclusions they did. What Bill and Steve had was a knowledge base solid enough to understand the core problems.

This article is published just as when Microsoft has launched a bold new Windows 8. It will make them or break them, but it is innovative. Circling back to 1975, Bill Gates, the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, and other programmers were writing BASIC (a programming language) and computers were in their infancy. That same year Bill partnered with Paul Allen to form Microsoft. Bill developed the insight and smarts to understand the current barrier to the evolution of software and computers was an operating platform upon which other programs could run. Bill knew what was needed by IBM and all he needed to do was find or develop the software that could serve as this platform or OS. So what Bill had done to be in position to solve the problem was to understand what the main problem was, and how to fix it. He could not have done this if he did not understand the entire ecosystem and he was not networked enough to set meetings. As the story goes, Bill secured a contract with IBM to build their software platform and purchased an OS from Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Company for $50,000. This operating software came to be known as DOS.

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