Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mobile Contactless Payment Innovations Summit - Key Quotes/Takeaways

By Randy Smith,
Mobile Wallet Media
October 16, 2012

"The one who enrolls, is the one that controls."
Richard Crone of Crone Consulting speaking about the control of 'Big Data' via Mobile Wallets.

"We must get away from the idea of wanting to control the customer. Today the way you control the customer is to provide value. We just need to confirm ID at POS. Does your new product integrate with all systems and will it scale?"
Amir Wain, CEO of I2C, Inc.

Many profound insights were shared at the 5th MCPI Summit in Chicago on October 2-3.

This event delivered expert opinion from a diverse perspective. In writing this article I could have spun up a short and simple summary with just the key takeaways. However, this event had so many relevant conversations I thought it best to just deliver the conversations as they happened, while screening out the non-essentials. Sort of like using your DVR to watch a football game or favorite TV show.

The host and moderator for many panels was Karen Webster, the CEO of Market Platform Dynamics and President of I've always been a fan of Karen's articles and case studies!

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