Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFC and 2D Lead the Way to Scale Mobile Wallets, but is there a Black Swan?

By Randy Smith, Mobile Wallet Media
Monday, September 10, 2012

Scalability - Week 7 of 7-Week Series

The less barriers to adoption and the more universal or "Future-Proofed" solutions are, the greater the chance of adoption by all tiers and types of stores. The biggest winners will be the solutions that are ubiquitous as cards are now.

Retail commerce has never been at such an exciting time as now, nor has is been at such a technological crossroads. In the late 90's it was e-commerce, loyalty and gift cards that retailers and service providers were busy implementing. Now a mirror-image of the 90's is being re-enacted with the goal of enabling mobile to replace plastic and paper cards & coupons. With literally next to zero infrastructure in place to date, the solutions that can move fastest, in their move to mobile, will win the most market share. View rest of article at

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